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Born on 06/06/1976

Service d'Aéronomie (SA)
Réduit de Verrières
Route des Gatines
91371 Verrières-le-Buisson, France

Tel: 33 (0)1 64 47 43 01 - Fax: 33 (0)1 69 20 29 99


Cyril Szopa


Gas chromatography
Preparative technics (pyrolysis, chemicla derivatization, pre-concentration)
Mass spectrometry
Spectroscopies  IR, UV,  visible
Space instrumentaion applications (GC-MS)
Experimental simulations


Comets and cometary chemistry
Titan & its physical-chemistry
Mars & its physical-chemistry
Comparative planetology
Analytical chemistry
Atmospheric chemistry
General chemistry & chemical physics
Cold plasmas


Since 2004   Associate professor at University Paris VI detailed to Service d'Aéronomie (SA, UMR 7620) for research activities.

2002/2004      Post-doctoral position granted by the Centre National d’Etude Spatial (CNES) detailed to Service d’Aéronomie (SA, UMR 7620)/Teaching activities at University of Versailles Saint Quentin.

2001/2002      Post-doctoral position granted by the University Paris VII, detailed to Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques (LISA, UMR CNRS 7583) for research activities.

1998/2001      PhD thesis at University Paris XII detailed to LISA, supervised by Pr François Raulin & Dr Robert Sternberg : In situ molecular analysis of a cometary nucleus : Development and evaluation of the perfromances of a gas chromatograph for the Rosetta cometary mission. Defended on 19/12/2001. Teaching activities at University Paris VII.

1997/1998 Master degree, speciality Chimie de la Pollution Atmosphérique et Physique de l’Environnement à l’université Paris XII.
Training course done at LISA supervised by Dr Robert Sternberg : "Study of capillary chromatographic columns and of their stationary phases of substituted dimethyl polysiloxane in the frame of the analysis of a cometary nucleus with gas chraomtography : application to the Rosetta mission".

1996/1997 Maîtrise de Chimie-Physique à l’Université Paris VI.
Training  course at Laboratoire de Dynamique Interactions Réactivité, supervised by Pr J.-P. Perchard.

1995/1996 License of Chemical-Physics at University Paris VI.

1993/1995 First universitary degree of Science & Structure of the Matter at University Paris VI.

1992/1993  Bachelor E series (Sciences & Technology).

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